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This website is a response to the lack of equality within yoga, in terms of access, teaching and experience. In order to make change we need to put our ideas and dreams on the table. We gather around, look at and sample the feast, we communicate, debate and educate to effect change from a predominantly white supremacist, de-spiritualised, racist appropriation of yoga today in Britain.

So, the question is, what is colonialism? how does it work? who has it affected? Who were the colonialists? What were the colonies? Who has it benefitted? What is the picture of yoga now in Britain? What does yoga look like across the global south and north. We ask, ‘who owns yoga” We also ask, “What is yoga?” Who is yoga for?

Yoga has a global diaspora, geographically the map is far reaching beyond India, China, Japan, Thailand, Tibet. There are many yogas that are not so readily spoken about or given any highlights, what is the reason for this? Is shamanism bad? Is African spirituality dark?

We are based in London UK (hence the different spelling) we are on social media. If you have any questions that you would like to hear on the radio table, please get in contact:

As an Afro yoga practitioner, I identify as one who is of African descent or diaspora or heritage, I also identify as mixed heritage so for me there is no debate about where my allegiance to yoga lies. I’m going into the forest every time. The Nath yogis…….and whilst I am not religious in any commonly held respect , I do teach and practise yoga in reverence to Patanjali’s Eight Stage Yoga, through the lineage of both Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga Yoga ,which is strong, might be considered a ‘contemporary rigorous ascetism’, yet still it is taught as a yoga that you build according to your abilities.- Amasu 2020

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